Aikido's Morihiro Saito - JO

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Aikido's Morihiro Saito - JO

Digitaly Re-Mastered
ALL TIME CLASSIC - Taught by Morihiro Saito Sensei Direct disciple of the Architect of Aikido MOREIHEI UESHIBA

Master Saito’s Jo techniques are considered the best of the best.  In fact, it is said that he obviously favored this weapon over most others because of its practicality.  The Master not only teaches the basic simple techniques but he will also show you many advanced combinations and take aways that are unbelievable.  His skill, his amazing technical smoothness and skill level are top shelf. He also teaches the original version of Aikido’s Jo Kata teaching each of the thirty-one moves in three different directions, so that you can see each and every nuisance of each move.  The Jo  is such a versatile weapon.  Only after watching Master Saito perform the throws, locks, pins and much more, can you appreciate its value.  Many Police forces around the world have employed the use of this weapon, especially for their mounted horse patrols.  This DVD also has the master demonstrating, as well as teaching a class of foreign students the usage of the jo.  Full color.
Key Words:  Aikido, Jo, Kobudo, weapons, kata, self defense

TRT 40 minutes - Item 54-2  -  ISBN: 645249586467-dvd