DAYNAMIC NUNCHAKU by Shuny Bee (The Gorkha)

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Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced

By Shuny Bee (The Gorkha)


Shuny Bee is a martial artist, an actor and producer, known for Janbaaz (1986) and Gorkha Protector (2012) and the Fight of Fury I & II.

Guru Shuny Bee is a world renowned martial artist. He was born and brought up in Nepal. He has been in martial arts training since childhood. He has studied Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do, Kali Filipino Martial Arts, Bajra MMA and Gorkha Fighting. He is a 7th Dan in Taekwondo and he has appeared in numerous issues of Black Belt Magazine and he has been inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors. He has been President of the World United Taekwondo Association and an International Referee for the World 
Taekwondo Federation.

His dedication, creativity, hard work, determination and skills paid off and soon he stepped into the limelight, performing, competing and demonstrating his art national and internationally. His skill and ability in the martial arts was greatly honored and praised by the then Royal Prince of Nepal, Prince Dhirendra Bikram Saha.


Salutation, Switching Principals, Grips, Basic Exercises & Stretching,  Spine exercises, Wrist Exercises,  Waist Exercises, Basic stances, Blocking Techniques,  Striking Positions, Placement & Techniques, Grab Stick Strike, Loose Stick Strikes, Swinging Techniques, Spinning Techniques, Destruction Techniques - (against kicks, pinches & weapons), Chuck Three Step,  Triple Combinations, Self Defense against stick... Much More

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