FALL 2022 MASTERS MAGAZINE featuring Jason Inay

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FALL 2022 MASTERS MAGAZINE featuring Jason Inay

MASTERS Magazine is a paper and digital publication of the top martial arts worldwide masters. Featuring traditional and modern martial artists that are giving back to the martial arts communities by preserving the moral and dedicated lifetime values of devotion and continuous development of body, mind and spirit. Available on AMAZON POD and Digital Platforms.

THE INAYAN SYSTEM OF ESKRIMA - By Jason Inay & Sarah Manthey
ANO ANG KALI - What is Kali? - By David Stainko
FROM AFRIKAN SOIL TO AMERIKAN SHORES - A Journey of Self-Preservation - By Dr. Germon Moriniere-Bey, PhD
NG-GA-KUEN - What Is It? - By Angel Velazquez
JEET KUNE DO - Training Determines Fighting - By Shuny Bee

KAZOKU by Jerry Figgiani
Total pages: 94

Masters Magazine FRAMES Video:
Suro Jason Inay Interview
Dr. Germon Moriniere-Bey - Video Segment
Sifu Donald Hamby - Video Segment
TRT: 79 minutes

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AMAZON POD ISBN: 979-8837898402