Giron Escrima - BAHALA NA - Vol-1-2-3 SET - By Master Kirk McCune

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Giron Escrima - BAHALA NA
Vol-1-2-3 SET 
By Master Kirk McCune

As a direct student of Grand Master Emeritus Leo M. Giron (1911 - 2002) and Grand Master Tony Somera (1957 - 2013), Master Kirk McCune continues studying, teaching, and promulgating Grandmaster Giron's Art and legacy.

Bahala Na®, meaning “come what may”, Giron® Arnis Escrima / Bahala Na® Martial Arts is a Filipino/American martial art of self defense created by Grand Master Emeritus Leo M Giron, an original “bladed warrior” and a true WWII Hero.  The Giron® System is a proven fighting system based on edged weapon combatives.  The Giron® System is composed of 20 styles including sword, stick, knife and empty hand techniques applicable to many aspects of survival for modern life.

Vol-1 Sword Principles For Multiple Opponents

INCLUDES: Formal Feeds 1-5, De Fondo Level-1 Techniques & Learning Style, Fundamental Principles, Battlefield Style - Direct Counter by Necessity, Combative (multiple opponents), Methodology, Breakdown of 5 Core Movements... much more! - TRT- 40 min.

Vol-2 Talonason - WWII Sword of Grand Master Leo Giron

INCLUDES: Cinco Tero OLD STYLE (Kada Anan), Cinco Tero NEW STYLE (Kabaroan), Sword Characteristics, Common Cuts & Thrusts, C Cuts (small & large), Snap Hits, Redonda, Tip Rips, Dos Manos (hacking), Thrusts ( 6 & 7 snap thrusts), Drop, Rising & Vertical Thrusts, Counter Cuts & Estilo MATADOR, Essential Drills, Application Set... much more! - TRT- 40 min.

Vol-3 De Salon (Dance Style) Blade first! Functional sword play for single combat. 

INCLUDES: Single combat within the larger engagement on the battlefield, Instance of One-On-One during multiple opponent engagement, Estilo Matador “Tero Grave” & blending of the fan, 3 “I MUST’s”, Contrast: De Fondo & De Salon, Superior positions, Common Thrusts & Cuts, Tip Rips, Footwork, Blade Parries, Demos... much more!  TRT: 40 minutes

TRT: 120 minutes - Item: em3-419Mc1-2-3  - ISBN: 0694536340787