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JKDAA 12 DVD Set SPECIAL - 30% Discount
12 DVD Collector's Edition Set (Wing Chun / JKD)
By Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal

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3 HAND DEEP - Wing Chun Talking Hands
Sifu Singh is a descendant of an unbroken lineage of masters, He has spent years studying with masters and eating the bitter pill, training and teaching so he can pass on the ancient arts to a modern, cutting edge audience. His science of movement, fighting, wellness, and strategy is an evolution of a global journey spanning continents and cultures. It culminates in the present system which he teaches to Navy SEALS,U.S. Secret Service, SWAT Commanders and Police Captains, executives, FBI, CIA, CEO's, DEA, professional athletes, elite law enforcement personnel throughout the United States, as well as other foreign and domestic military and intelligence agencies.
Vol 1 - Concepts, Principles, & Structures
Vol 2 - Speed, Timing & Reflex Development
Vol 3 - Wing Chun Structure Adapted to Grappling & Kicking

Sight Beyond Sight (Wing Chun / JKD)
Vol 4 & 5 - Energy Drills to develop Sensitivity and Adaptability

Mr. Mook Jong
A Martial Artists User's Guide to the Wooden Dummy
Combat Flows and Attack Vectors of Wing Chun and Jun Fan Gung Fu
Vol-1-2-3 (TRT 3 hours)
You will learn classical Wing Chun and Jun Fan Gung Fu attacking lines in easy to learn combat flows. You will
also learn concepts like Centerline Theory, Footwork, Rooting, Leung Sheung's 5 Elements, Blasting, Ping Choi Gua
Choi, Jao Sao Cycle, Jut Sao Cycle, and Chi Sao combat applications. No forms, no memorization, just alive
movement that can be practically applied right away.

Mr. Mook Jong
JKD Attack Strategy and the 5 Dimensional Model of Training
Vol-4-5-6 (TRT 3 hours)
You will learn JKD's Primary and Secondary Attack Strategies, Broken Rhythm, and Interceptions tactics. Apply
any art like Boxing, Savate, Kali, Anti Grappling, and Tai Chi applications on the Wooden Dummy. Apply your
spirit and make the Wooden Dummy a living training partner by using your intent and imagination. Unlock
unlimited combinations and direct combat applications. You will also learn how to condition the forearms and
develop proper body mechanics for power and speed. The 5 dimensional training model will teach you to honestly
express yourself and turn your training into a work of art.

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  • 5
    Amazing dvd set!

    Posted by Jozef JKD funboy on Jul 25th 2019

    ...the best video about real exercise with wooden dummy what i see in time,,,,thanks a lot Sifu Harinder and Master magazine.