KOSHI O HINERU (Twisting (of the) hips) SPECIAL 35% OFF 6 DVD Bundle

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(Twisting (of the) Hips)
SPECIAL 35% OFF 6 DVD Bundle - PLUS 2 DVD Bonus

“KOSHI O HINERU" (Hip Rotation)

Hip rotation is one of the most important movements in Karate and Kobudo (and nearly all other Martial Arts). It's the first thing that you learn in a Traditional Karate Dojo and you'll hear it until the end of days: "Twist Your Hip!"


The Principals of Kihon
By Grandmaster Sueyoshi Akeshi
(Shugendo and Shingon Monk)
Koshi is the center of all martial art techniques. Koshi means the hips and hip motion is the center of all motion. The hips contain the center of gravity of the human body. The body follows it's center. When the hips move, the body follows. When you learn to control your center you control your whole body. When you control your opponent's center, you control the opponent.
Grandmaster Sueyoshi Akeshi is a Shugendo and Shingon Monk, scholar of the martial traditions and expert in Iaido. He has carried out for years an intensive work of dissemination and teaching of the Japanese martial arts. His unique methods of training brings evolutionary understanding of the "Body in Motion" that can be applied in any martial art style.
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Simplicity in Understanding KOSHI Seminar
Sponsored by Sensei Eihachi Ota
Guest Instructors from Okinawa - SenseiKazuo Tajima & Sensei Noriaki Ikehara

Sensei Ota is the highest ranking Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu practitioner outside of Okinawa. Sensei Ota started his training in Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu in high school with a close friend of his, he was invited by his friend to train at his school under Sensei Shima Masao and trained at the hombu dojo on weekends under O'Sensei Nagamine. Sensei Shima was one of the most important students of O’Sensei Nagamine. Sensei Ota was known to train 365 days a year, often three times a day, it did not matter what the weather was like he never stoped training.

Guest Instructors from Okinawa: Sensei Kazuo Tajima, 8th Dan, Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu & Kishaba Juku. Sensei Tajima is the highest senior student at Kishaba Juku under sensei Katsuhiko Shinzato. Sensei Tajima started karate when he was in high school, he was classmates with son of the founder of Matsubayashi Ryu, Takayoshi Nagmine. Sensei Tajima joined the Hombu Dojo because of Sensei Takayoshi. Sensei Tajima has also trained in Tomari Te from Sensei Seiyu Nakasone, a well known master in Okinawa. At O’Sensei Nagamine school Sensei Tajima trained under the master and Sensei Nakamura, Sensei Ahagon, Sensei Makishi & Kishaba, these are all well known top students at O’Sensei Nagamine’s Dojo. Sensei Tajima has been teaching at the American Army base in Okinawa for many years. Sensei Tajima is known for his power and hip development that generate tremendous power. 
Sensei Noriaki Ikehara, A student of Kensei Taba, Sensei Taba was one of the top senior students of O'Sensei Nagamine and former World Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu President. 


Hi-Level Basics
by Sueyoshi Akeshi

Instructor level basics. Learn the evolutionary refinements of traditional Jo, Bokken and Sword techniques . 
Amazing footwork, flow and timing.
(61 minutes)
Iaido Basics 
Kenjutsu Basics 
Shiho Tsuki 
Mawashi Jo 
Shiho Giri 
Nami Giri 
Tomoe Nuki 
Tsumi Gaishi 
Kamai & Chiburi 
Sakate Noto


(3 DVD Set) PLUS 2 DVD Bonus

Battlefield Old School Mind Set & Competition Techniques
By Val Mijailovic Hanshi

Old School classic tournament competition strategies by Val Mijailovic Hanshi, a former IKA world champion and three decade veteran in Domestic and International Japanese Karate competitor. Still training and teaching under Soke Takayuki Kubota (Gosok Ryu Karate - International Karate Association) since 1970, Mijailovic Hanshi reveals his unique methods of opponent assessment and strategies he used in overcoming big man challenges of speed, timing and overall instinctive methods of defeating his opponents. Time-tested competition detailed strategies “Battlefield Mind Set” brings back the old school realism of “KARATE-DO - Art of the Empty Hand”. This 3 volume series presents a unique individuals perspective of DEFEATING your adversary and Not FIGHTING mind set. Not recommended for beginners. Black Belt level.

Vol-1 - Mechanics, 45 degree hip rotation, Koshi, Compression and Expansion, Jitsu and Kyo State of Mind, Makiwara, Overcoming Distance, Face punches targeting, Never be the Same, OODA Loop, OTSR principal: Observe - Test - Sacrifice - React, Broken Back Principal, Tournament Footage Match Analysis, Flow, Blind Spots, Always Safe,  Mechanics... TRT: 80 minutes

Vol-2 - Energy Flow Merge, Engaging & Disengaging, Skewing your Opponent, Blocking and Taking Territory, Front Hand Flow - Range & Skewing, Matching Opponents Motion, Taking Opponent’s Mind, Invisibility, Creating Opportunity, Stick the Punch...
TRT: 58 Minutes

Vol-3 - Ki, Persistence and Timing, Short vs Tall Opponents, Smudge Punch, Double Kizami-Tsuki, Close Range Circle, Skip a Beat and Defeat, MUSHIN - Mind No Mind...
TRT: 62 minutes

Private Sessions Bonus
Vol-4  TRT: 60 min - Vol-5  TRT: 44 min.