MASTERCLASS KATA BUNKAI SERIES Kihon-waza - Futari-geiko Volume 2 (3 Disc Set) By Patrick McCarthy Hanshi

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Kihon-waza - Futari-geiko
Volume 2 (3 Disc Set)

By Patrick McCarthy Hanshi
Volume 2 Includes:

  • Old-school 2-Person Training Practices
  • Kote-kitai/Ude-tanren
  • Muchimi-di, Tegumi
  • Thoroughly examined and meticulously taught by Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi 9th dan & director of the IRKRS
Noted author, historian and authority of Okinawan Karate, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, has done it yet again with this fantastic new release on Kihon-waza Futari-geiko [Fundamental 2-person drills]. He thoroughly examines and meticulously teaches the old-school Kote-kitai, Ude-tanren, Muchimi-di and Tegumi practices. This is the second of 9 new DVD’s being released in three separate volumes. Vol #1 Tsuki-naka Kata, Vol #2 Kihon-waza Futari-geiko [基本技二人稽古] and Vol #3 Kata Bunkai-jutsu [型分解術]. The presentation is thorough and complex yet highly functional and easy to learn and is sure to enhance your overall training curriculum.