MASTERS Magazine - 2009 - 3rd Year 4 Issues (Digital) SPECIAL 30% OFF)

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MASTERS Magazine - 2009. 3rd Year 4 Issues
(Digital) SPECIAL 30% OFF)

"Collector's Edition DVD/CD Sets"

NOTE: These are Digital Sets (DVD/CD's) No Paper. The magazine comes on a CD (PDF) and the FRAMES Videos are on a DVD.
9 hours and 10 minutes of video interviews and technical demos with top Martial Art Masters. Plus MASTERS Magazine on PDF featuring the Masters on the cover and many more articles and columns covering all aspects of disciplines such as Karate, Judo, Wing Chun, Escrima, Fitness,BJJ, JKD ...

Year 2009
Covers: Tak Kubota Francis Fong Kunio Murayama Dan Inosanto

Current Issue is automatically discounted by 50% ($11.99). Limited offer until the next issue.

All Past Issues are retailed at $24.95