Native American Teachings - By Joseph Rael (5 DVD Set)

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Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow

Native American Teachings 5 DVD Set
By Joseph Rael
(Beautiful Painted Arrow)


Ceremonies of Awakening: In Ceremonies of Awakening, Joseph Rael gives us insight into three sacred ceremonies including the Fire Ceremony, the Sundance and the Sweat Lodge. He begins by explaining how the Fire Ceremony was gifted to him in a visionary experience and then teaches us the gifts that this ceremony can bring to our awareness.

Footprints of a Soul: Life’s Stages Through Metaphor takes us on an enchanting journey through the stages of life and beyond. Rael uses metaphor and the inspiring characters of his paintings to describe the soul’s journey from the time of incarnation to our return to the Cosmic Consciousness.

Inspirations of the Metaphoric: Mind begins with Beautiful Painted Arrow’s explanation of how all forms, "the two-leggeds, wingeds, plants, trees, mountains, rivers and even seasons" are metaphoric symbols from which we can newly discover meanings for our everyday lives. Passageway to the Infinite Self Drawing on the teachings of his grandfather, a Tiwa Pueblo holy man, Rael presents an extraordinary understanding of life through metaphor along side experience. In the film,

Passageway to the Infinite Self: Rael tells his vision that all existence is vibration, and then moves into the concept of the wall and how the walls of our personal experiences are actually passageways to find our inner knowing.

Sound Beings: Joseph Rael was brought to the home of his father’s people at the age of eight and was raised at Picuris Pueblo in the Tiwa tradition. Tiwa is an oral tradition that imparts a metaphoric understanding to life through the sounds of language. Through his many years of study Rael has found the same metaphoric principals apply to all languages. His philosophies of the beings of sound are applicable to our daily lives and help us to find The Divine in our every word and action.