SAN SOO Kung Fu (30 DVD Box Set - PRIVATE ARCHIVES - Special) By GM Bill Lasiter

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0694536341524 - 30 dvd set
Bill Lasiter, Grandmaster Bill Lasiter, Kung Fu SAN SOO, San Soo Kung Fu, The 5 Family Fist, Northern and Southern Chinese systems, Grandmaster Chin Siu Dek, Jimmy H. Woo, Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung
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ABC'S of SAN SOO Kung Fu by Grandmaster Bill Lasiter
30 DVD Box Set (Volumes 1-30) SPECIAL 30% Discount

(5 Sets of 6 DVDs)

Filming Locations: Filmed by Grandmaster Lasiter in his school (Single Camera)

Kung Fu San Soo (功夫散手) is a martial art based on techniques from all over China, both Northern and Southern Chinese systems. The 5 Family Fist (五家拳) is an important part of San Soo, and is commonly practiced in the Tasishan region of the Guangdong province. Grandmaster Chin Siu Dek (Jimmy H. Woo) was responsible for bringing KFSS to the United States. Jimmy H. Woo, didn't believe in the animal styles and hence focused and taught only the 5 family styles, (蔡李何佛雄) Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung. In his own words he said, "We fight like men, not animals."

The KFSS premise is there are no rules in a fight, so the techniques are oriented to remove a threat as quickly as possible. There are no competitions or tournaments for Kung Fu San Soo.

Grandmaster Bill Lasiter became Kung Fu San Soo's Grandmaster in October 10th 1997 after the passing of Jimmy H. Woo in February 14 1991. Bill Lasiter was one of the first Americans to be taught the Art of KFSS by the late Jimmy H. Woo.

GM Bill Lasiter, has practiced and taught this Art for over 56 years now. He has taken the art of KFSS and adapted it to modern society. With the emergence of MMA fighters and Brazilian Jui-jitsu GM Bill Lasiter has modified the Art of KFSS to include fighting on the ground; but still keeping with the KFSS premise, that there are no rules in a fight. It is a version of KFSS that does not exist elsewhere.

Series Includes:
VOL-1-6 Set - 120 Combination Techniques - TRT: 243 Minutes
VOL-7-12 Set - 98 Combination Techniques - TRT: 242 Minutes
VOL-13-18 Set - 106 Combination Techniques - TRT: 264 Minutes
VOL-19-24 Set - 85 Combination Techniques - TRT: 274 Minutes
VOL-25-30 Set - 88 Combination Techniques - TRT: 347 Minutes

TOTAL of 497 Combination Techniques - TRT: 1370 Minutes (23 Hours)

This program contains Historical Footage of the late Grandmaster Bill Lasiter.
Do not attempt to practice or use any of the content material presented.
Intended for viewing purposes ONLY..

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