SERRADA ESCRIMA 3 DVD SET (Vol-4, 5 & 6) By GM Darren Tibon

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3 DVD SET (Vol-4, 5 & 6)

By Grandmaster Darren Tibon

Mastering Serrada Escrima is a detailed and comprehensive work of the vital fundamentals of the art of Serrada Escrima as taught by the legendary Grandmaster Angel Cabales. In this second series with volumes 4-5-6, Master Tibon teaches the are of Reversing as shared by Grandmaster Angel Cabales. Reversing consists of creating a reaction utilizing the 12 angles of attack in Serrada Escrima to reverse your opponent, understanding how to use your live hand to jam and/or offset your opponent. Reversing techniques are a concept that GM Angel created for his Advanced and Master Level students. This level of training could only be achieved after you were proficient in the twelve angles offensively and defensively and had an understanding of long, medium, and close range, which are learned in lock and block and flow sparring drills. If you analyze these techniques you will see the blade concepts come to life and, when taught the importance of the live hand to reverse your opponent, jam, or pass, you can redirect the strikes you are being attacked with.