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By Grand Master SHI YANXU
VOL-1 - The Jian in English is called a straight sword is primarily used for stabbing and slashing. Shi YanXu 
will teach you up close and personal how to use this one of earliest weapons of all and is part of the 4 
dragons or the four different ancient weapons of Shaolin Kung Fu. It for sure is one of the most classical 
weapons of all times and this video reveals the secrets of the this deadly weapon. Shi YanXu is one of the 
top exponents of the Shaolin Temples Jian his easy to follow instructions are perfect for any english speaking 
student to follow. You will learn two forms one ancient Chinese Sword performed by Shi YanXu and then an 
amazing competition form by Shi Heng Ming.
Vol-2 The Meihua Dao or translated is Broadsword. Grand master Yanxu was the chief Instructor of the 
Shaolin Temples elite Warrior Monks will teach you an ancient form and all its nuances of usage. 
The Dao is primarily used as a slashing weapon and it is one of the primary four weapons of Shaolin Kung Fu. 
This is one of the real world weapons that were used in actual warfare and now you can learn exactly how it 
was used in ancient China.
Vol-3 - The Shaolin Gun or stick is one of the four main weapons in Shaolin Chinese weaponry. Shi YanXu will 
teach you an authentic form dating back hundreds of years in the Shaolin Temples 1500 year history. 
The Gun or staff is used primarily for speed, smashing and poking as well as blocking to defend yourself both 
from a defensive and offensive point of view. Shi YanXu was the chief instructor of the Warrior Monks 
in China and now teaches in Los Angeles California. His skill is unparalleled and his easy to follows make this 
video one of the most popular.
Vol-4 The Chinese Double Dao or Double Broadsword is used as a slashing weapons but now with twice as 
many variables for the Warrior Monk. The back of the blade is used for blocking while the sharpened edge is 
what does the damage to the opponent. 
This weapon may seem to be fancy but when facing it your totally confused as to which blade is coming at you. 
The single Dao is one of the 4 major weapons and the double Dao is just a simple derivation to the single blade.
Vol-5 - Kwan Dao is probably the most interesting of all the Shaolin Weapons with its large heavy blade make 
it perfect for any large person to practise and gain skill with. Lots of twirling and jumping but the Kwan Dao 
is meant to blast thru attacks and strike others. The Japanese equivalent to the Kwan Dao was the naginata and 
it was used to take down a horses as they attacked in battle. 
The back edge of the Kwan Dao has a notch in it meant to catch a flying blade. The other end of the 6' Halbred 
has a counter weight on it used to counter balance the weapon and as well could be used to stab someone.  
Item: em3-606-1-5-SY-SET  - ISBN: 0694536341418 - TRT-3hr-30 minutes