WING CHUN WEAPONS (Butterfly Knives & Long Pole) - By Master Tony Massengill

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Butterfly Knives & Long Pole
The Weapons of the Ip Man Family Wing Chun Kung Fu System
By Master Tony Massengill

Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular systems! While much has been written and filmed about this method, little has been released on the Weapons training. Traditionally the weapons of the Wing Chun system are only introduced after mastery of the empty hand forms and Wooden Dummy training. It is said that Ip Man taught the knife form to only seven students. So this training has not been readily available, even up to our current generation!
The Long Pole teaches principles of long range weapons use and single weapon use. The Wing Chun Double Knives teach principles of close-range weapons and double weapon use. Also covered in this DVD is how the weapon training relates to empty hand use! In this DVD, 3rd Generation Ip Man Family Wing Chun Lineage Master Instructor Tony Massengill presents the weapons training and forms which have been passed to him in the direct lineage of the Ip Family. Material covered includes the traditional pole and knife forms, along with fighting applications and training methods.