BREAKING IT DOWN - Obstacle Course Conditioning - by Kimber Johnson

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BREAKING IT DOWN - Obstacle Course Conditioning

By Kimber Johnson

Kimber Johnson is a martial artist who owns and operates her school, The Bam's Martial Arts and Fitness, with husband, Willie "The Bam" Johnson. The couple are blessed with five children and they strive to instill values of safety and awareness in their children, much like the ideals that Kimber chooses to teach her own Diva Grit students.

Dedicated to helping other women avoid tragedies – helping to empower others; our professional Martial Arts team has designed a program tailored to give women the much needed reality based self-defense skills.


Tire Flips

Battle Rope

Sliders MTN. Climbers

Ground Ladder

Body Bag Slam

Kicking Mechanics

Kicking Pads

Punching Pads

Footwork Dance

Kicking Fundementals

The Warriors Mindset (Inside The Dojo).

Women's Empowerment with Kimber


TRT: 60 min.- Item: 73Con - ISBN/EAN: 0694536341258