KaJuKenBo Escrima Advanced Volume 4, 5 & 6 (3 DVD Set)by GM David Ducay

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KaJuKenBo Escrima Advanced 
Volume 4, 5 & 6 (3 DVD Set)
Instructed by Grand Master David Ducay
Assisted by Master Renel Amante and Sibak Davet Mohammed 



Vol-4 KaJuKenBo Escrima Palama Set Forms 1-10

Sijo Adriano D. Emperado, co-founder and creator along with co-creator Joseph Emperado, developed the Palama Sets. Grand Master David Ducay who is Head of the Weaponry Self Defense which is a sub system of KaJuKenBo. This DVD covers the KaJuKenBo Escrima Palama Sets or Pinans 1 to 10.

Through our KaJuKenBo historians, who documented the origins around 1954-55 of the Emperado brothers, developed a set of base movements at the Palama Settlement dojo. They called these movements, Palama Settlement Exercises. Sijo Emperado is known to have created 14 forms in total. This training DVD will present the 10 base Palama Sets 1-3, 5, 6 and 8-10. These specific sets were created by Sijo Emperado while SGM Joe Emperado was credited for the creation of hand set form 4 and 7. Later, in the 1960s, the name was changed from Palama Set to Pinan (Okinawan name) or Pinion.


No matter whether you come from the Emperado method, Leoni, Ramos, Reyes, Halbuna, or Gaylord methods, you should be able to pick up these forms quickly.


Grand Master Ducay along with his assistants will walk you through the basics of each form through KaJuKenBo Escrima, where the first two forms will show how to breakdown your forms into self-defense techniques. Furthermore, they will show how the transition from sticks to traditional weapons (Tonfa, Kama, Nunchaku, Sai, knife and Bolo), as well as drills used with modern day weapon, e.g rolled up newspaper, paddle, etc….

Note: The Pinions are K.S.D.I. approved to achieve your yellow belt through black belt requirements.

KaJuKenBo Escrima Palama Set (Pinans 1 to 10):

Pinan-1 - Single Stick and Self-Defense

Single Stick Advance version 

Pinan-2 - Single Stick, Tonfa 

Pinan-3 - Single Stick, Kama

Pinan-4 Double Knife (hammer grip to ice pick grip)

Pinan-5 Espada y Daga and DeCandena Drill

Pinan-6 Nunchaku and Striking Drill

Pinan-7 Sai and Disarm techniques

Pinan-8 Single Stick Kicking form

Pinan-9 Double Stick and Double Bolo 

Pinan-10 Karambit and the Karambit Lock & Block Drill


Vol-5 - Sijo’s Alphabets Escrima Conversion

The KaJuKenBo Escrima Alphabet Techniques (A to I) is a detailed and comprehensive work of the empty hand conversation to weaponry fundamentals from Sijo Adriano D. Emperado to Grand Master David Ducay’s weaponry self defense interpretation. 

Sijo Emperado, taught the Alphabet Techniques to a small number of black belts in the late 1950s prior to the pioneers leaving the island of Hawaii for the main land.

These techniques considered the Advance version of the punch art counters from the KajJuKenBo Kenpo branch. 

When you are confronted by an attacker where they enter your personal space, violates your comfort zone and you have to trigger that response to protect yourself.

Instructors and students will be able to add their own expression to the techniques.

When analyzing the techniques one will see the empty hand concepts, mechanics to weaponry come to life when taught the importance of working with any traditional to modern day weaponry for self defense.


The instructions include:

Alphabet-A, Empty Hand vs Knife

Alphabet-B, Knife vs Knife

Alphabet-C, Double Knife vs Knife

Double Stick and Double Knife Sinawali drill

Alphabet-D, Double Magazine vs Knife

Alphabet-E, Double Stick vs Knife

Alphabet-F, Double Stick vs Bat

Double Stick Communication Crossada drill

Alphabet-G , Stick y Magazine vs Knife

Alphabet-H (Stick y Daga vs Paddle

Alphabet-II, Bolo y Knife vs Staff

Espada y Daga coordination, counter training locking and footwork drills


Vol-6 - Live Stickfighting Techniques and Drills 

In competition training or sport there will be many different types of rules for Stickfighting and Knife Fighting. 

These variety of sparring training drills come from many martial arts systems including KaJuKenBo as well as the many FMA arts. We as Coaches / competitors compensate and train with many different people, sizes and styles. The base training drills and method on this dvd have worked well for our team members and fighting teams.

When two warriors compete and are equal in training / knowledge / skill level, most times it comes down to one’s attributes (endurance, reflex, timing, aggressiveness, reflex and the the proper mental attitude it takes to win).


KaJuKenBo Escrima Sparring Techniques and Drills:

Padded Stick-Fighting Drills:

Straight Vertical blast

Upper block counter (High / Low line)

Two step counter 

Upper block, elastico, Vertical hard blocking drill



Knife Point Fighting Drills:

Offensive Striking (High line, Low line, Perry vertical drills)

Long range, Middle, Close Querier drills



Padded Kumate Stick-fighting Drills:

Upper block reverse punch

Roundhouse kick Vertical strike

Vertical strike front kick




Live Stick-Fighting Drills:

Offensive Striking (Fan, Sectoring, Whipping drills)

Defensive tactics (Hard Blocking, Duck-Bob-Weave drills)

Range Continuous Striking, (Combat striking shield)

Retic Striking (Stick hitting trainer)

Largo communication, SumBraDa, Eskrido drills



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