KID'S POINT MMA - 37 SKILLS - For Kid's By Kid's

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37 SKILLS - For Kid's By Kid's

(Kid's teaching Kid's - Respect, Discipline, Work Ethic, Safety...)

Marshieh & Zerion Johnson


Meditation, Ready Attention Relax, The Bow, Tuck Jumps - Krazy Athletics, Burpees, Back Fist - Punches, Push Ups, Squat Kicks, Sit Ups, FITNESS STANCES - Boxing, Point, Wrestling, Ju Jitsu, FWD & Back, Side Step - Rhythm Footwork, Angle & Triangle, PUNCHES - Jabs, Cross, Lead Hook, Upper Cuts, Back Fist, Reverse, Ridge Hand, Spin Back Fist, KICK BOXER - Spin Back Fist, Superman Reverse Punch, KICKS - Front Snap, Round Side Snap, Lead Axe, Forward Roll, Cartwheel, SWEEPS - Gui Ti, Front, Front & Side, MOUNTING - Knee to Belly, RHYTHM FLOW, CHAMPION STRECTCH... MUCH MORE!

TRT: 33 minutes Item: 73-Kids - ISBN/EAN: 0694536341043

Professor Willie The Bam Johnson breaks the cycle with the principle of Martial Arts to become recognized today as an Urban Legend and a member of Black Belt Magazine’s Hall of Fame along with the world’s greatest Martial Artists like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and many others. He also returned from Sports Karate as a seven-time World Champion. There could be no better representative for all of the life-changing benefits that the Martial Arts bestow.

The Predator is out there! He's the one on the streets trying to take something from you — your money, your property, or maybe even your life. In this set of videos Willie "The Bam" Johnson, world-renown martial artist and street fighter, takes you inside the mind of the predator and teaches you how to deal with him quickly and efficiently, as only The Bam can do. Don't be a victim of the predator — be the one who takes him on at his own game and comes out on top!