LEGACY 9 Seminar by Darren Tibon (2022 Las Vegas NV)

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LEGACY 9 Seminar by Darren Tibon (2022 Las Vegas NV)
Honoring The Grandmasters of FMA
By Darren Tibon

Legacy 9 is a part of the on going Filipino Martial Arts series that began in Stockton CA (2013) by Grandmaster Darren Tibon (Angel's Disciples) honoring the early grandmasters of FMA. 2013 Legacy was the first attempt by GM Tibon to set aside the FMA practitioners differences amongst the Escrima community in Stockton CA and unite in the spirit of preserving the FMA history and pass down the first generation knowledge to the world.

INCLUDES Lectures and Demonstrations by:

GM Darren Tibon
Angel's Disciples
Serrada Escrima

Master Nar Babao
Babao Arnis Academy

Guro Ferd Terado
Pekiti-Tirsia Kali [PTK-SMF] Combat System

GM Anthony Kleeman

Jerry Preciado
Serrada Escrima

GM Sultan Uddin
Serrada Escrima

Master Kirk McCune & Master Joel Juanitas 
Bahala Na ® Martial Arts Association/Giron ® Arnis Escrima

Sifu Harinder Singh
JKDAA(Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association)

Doshi Richard Van Donk
Founder and Director of the IBDA/American Bujinkan Dojos (Ninjutsu) and Bushindo Martial Arts University

GM Felix Roiles

Ryan Spink
Krav Maga - Cobra Kai Martial Arts in Victorville CA

Professor James Hundon
Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing

Tuhon Jesse Cabuyadao
Pikiti Tirtia Kali - Kali Combat Academy

GM Palaka Namahoe

TRT: 5 hours - Item: 435-9 - ISBN: 0694536340565

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