MACHIDA Karate SUPER-3-SEMINAR 2019 - One Day Three Seminars (3 DVD Set)


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Machida Academy 
3 Seminars in one day.
(One Set including 3 DVDs)

1st Seminar - Footwork by Master YOSHIZO MACHIDA
2nd Seminar - Distance, Timing and Structure by LYOTO & CHINZO MACHIDA
3rd Seminar - Control and Fight Strategies by LYOTO & CHINZO MACHIDA

Machida Karate is a martial art system that has proven to be a powerful and effective method of combat and self defense.Both Former UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion LYOTO MACHIDA and his brother CHINZO MACHIDA have demonstrated success in their professional fighting careers with fluid movement, speed and a straight-forward counter attacking style as the SIGNATURE component of Machida Karate. It is easy to learn, practical and very applicable for any age or physical ability and is a great way for Instructors to further develop their own martial skills as well. Machida Karate serves as the ideal program to add to any dojo program whether it be supplemental or as the main curriculum.
Item # 907-19 - ISBN: 0694536338999
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