MUST MMA 8 DVD Training Set

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MMA MUST MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

8 DVD Set by Coach Bob Anderson, Rigan Machado & Ken Yasuda 8 DVD Set collection taught by professional USA Team coaches from three disciplines that will teach you the absolute necessities and "Must Know" techniques of Mixed Martial Art competition.

90% of MMA fighters carriers end due to permanent injuries. Learn the art of fighting from the pro's that have dedicated their lives to teaching.

POWER MMA TRAINING - instructed by Ken Yasuda (coach for the SABRES Team of the International Fighting League) is a blend of goal-oriented conditioning drills and training strength, agility, and quickness for effective fighting movement.

SUBMISSION GRAPPLING - taught by the legendary USA wrestler Olympic and National Coach Bob Anderson shows you the most efficient techniques used in grappling to defeat your opponent.

No-Gi SUBMISSION GRAPPLING - A world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion and trainer of many top Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters, Rigan Machado reveals the techniques, training, and strategy for dominating your opponent from the half-guard and submitting him with leg locks and chokes.

TRT: 480 minutes

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