Ng Ga Kuen - Kung Fu - Vol-1 BASICS by Si-Gung Angel Velazquez

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Ng Ga Kuen Kung Fu Volume 1
(Five Animals Kung Fu/Five Family Fist)

By Si-Gung Dr. Angel Alberto Velazquez


Kung Fu Master Si-Gung Angel Velazquez is a disciple of Grand Master Seming Ma. Si-Gung Velazquez is a 8 time Hall of Fame inductee by the MA World Federation, MA History Museum & USA MA Hall of Fame. Awards range from Competitor of the Year, Best MA School of the Year to Lifetime Achievement in Martial Arts. 
Martial Arts Recognitions Awarded by: California State Senator Bill Emerson, US Senator Barbara Boxer, California State Senator Gloria Romero & California Legislature Assemblyman John Benoi. 

Angel's Black Tiger Academy is a Five-Star-Rated Martial Arts Institution in Kung Fu Shaolin 5 Animals System in the State of California. 

Master Velazquez's Titles outside of Martial Arts include: Doctor in Medicine in Physical Therapy (Summa Cum Laude). Master of Education in Sports Management (Summa Cum Laude) and Master in Business Administration (Summa Cum Laude).

Currently Si-Gung holds a 7th Degree Black Sash by the MA Masters World Federation and he teaches at his own school "Angel's Black Tiger Kung Fu Academy" (74 W Ramsey St # A, Banning, CA 92220).

Warm-ups & Warm-downs, Stances, Cooldown, Basic Kicks, Roundhouse Kick Veriation, Double Front Kick, Jumping Side Kick, Outside & Inside Circle Kicks, Basic Blocks & Punches, Wing Chun Self Defense...

TRT: 52 minutes
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Ng Ga Kuen, also known as Five Families/Five Animals Kung Fu or Five Family Fist is a major traditional Southern Chinese Martial Art that traces its origins to the Shaolin Temples of China.


Ng Ga Kuen roughly translates to “Five Family Boxing/Fist”.  As the name implies, it is distinctive in that it brings together techniques of five different family styles: Choy Gar, Li Gar, Mok Gar, Fut Gar, and Hung Gar, taking the best of each style to create a very complete system.  It also incorporates techniques and forms from the 5 legendary Shaolin animals, the Tiger, the Dragon, the Leopard, the Snake and the Crane.