NINE CONCEPTS for DEFENSE by Grandmaster Ben Otake (Video Download)

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NINE CONCEPTS for DEFENSE (Video Download)

Principles of Aggressive Reaction

By Grandmaster Ben Otake

The Nine Concepts of Self-Defense, developed by Ben Otake, are the necessary elements designed to turn any defensive position into an offensive one. Each concept explores common categories of attacks and offers the responses that not only stop the attack from continuing but actually reverse the momentum in favor of the defender. Each concept is simple to learn and apply. While training with these nine elements it is essential to practice them until they become second nature—that way when the need for one of them occurs the response is instantaneous and automatic. The Nine Concepts of Self-Defense enable a person to go from a simple defense to an aggressive response that will leave an attacker either unwilling or unable to continue the attack.

Included in this video: Explanation and Followup, Stop the Movement, Turning Your Body Deflection, Pushing, Pulling, Pull-down, Bending Arms, Turn Over Hand Trap