TACTICAL SERIES VOL.1-2-3 Volume Set By Tom Muzila

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By Tom Muzila

The information in this DVD will work effectively for civilians, law enforcement, and military individuals.

This DVD contains all the necessary information, tactics, techniques, and strategies for you to acquire the potential skills to escape from almost any attack when a gun is drawn on you. You will acquire the skills to turn a most dangerous situation instantly to your favor. It covers the concepts of distance, when to go for the gun or go for cover. You'll learn technical aspects of the basic firing mechanism of handguns and how to use them to your advantage. The DVD covers numerous techniques to defend against a gun at a distance or when it is touching your body. It analyzes your best techniques when a gun is pointed at you from the front, the back, or even at your head. You will acquire enough information, where you will understand the roots of all the concepts. You will be able to modify the techniques to achieve effective success of survival in almost any situation, and create the chance or moment to escape and stay alive.

Tom Muzila is a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets), during the Vietnam era. He specialized in counterterrorism, guerrilla warfare, survival warfare strategy and all types of combat shooting. Muzila has been a protection specialist and professional bodyguard for more than 35 years and has protected numerous dignitaries, politicians and celebrities.  He has trained military units, law enforcement agencies, police officers, SWAT teams and bodyguards through the years. Tom Muzila has a bodyguard academy and is also part of the Orange County Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s Department.