THE WORLD at WAR series Vol 1 - GERMANY (1933-1939)

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"The World At War" The largest visual history of pre and World War II. 

Series includes 26 hour-long programs featuring extraordinary collection of world archives, newsreels, propaganda, and home-movie footage. Including Adolf Hitler, interviews with Hitler's secretary to Alger Hiss, citizens, WW2 historians... much more.


"The World At War" received numerous awards including: International Emmy Award(R), The National Television Critic's Award (Best Documentary). Creator Sir Jeremy Isaacs narrated by Laurence Olivier (Academy Award winner) 


Includes"Germany", "Distant War", "France Falls", "Alone", "Barbarossa", "Banzai!", "On Our Way", "The Desert", "Stalingrad", "Wolf Pack", "Red Star", "Whirlwind", "Tough Old Gut", "It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow", "Home Fires", "Inside the Reich", "Morning", "Occupation", "Pincers", "Genocide", "Nemesis", "Japan", "Pacific", "The Bomb", "Reckoning", and "Remember". 
This series as been Digitally re-mastered.


1. GERMANY (1933-1939)
The rebirth of Germany and growth in power of the NAZI Party leading up to the outbreak of war. Interviewees included: Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist Schmenzin, Werner Pusch and Christabel Bielenberg.

TRT: 50 minutes