We Were There (Then & Now) - MEETING of the MASTERS

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We Were There
(Then & Now)

Vol-1  (TRT: 156 min.)

A panel of senior Karate veterans, gather at MASTERS Magazine studio in Los Angeles, to discuss the history of Karate in America

Conversations with five veteran Karate instructors, discussing the introduction, transformation, and differences between the art, as it was introduced, taught and practiced by the general public in North America, from its public appearance until now.

Patrick McCarthy (9th Dan Black Belt – Hanshi) began his training in the 60’s and came up through the ranks with good old-fashioned hard traditional type karate training. Teaches karate seminars world wide.

Brian Ricci is O’Sensei Richard Kim’s senior student. 50 years plus of training and teaching karate, founder of Brian Ricci’s Butoku-Kai Martial Arts Academy.

Don Warrener - Accomplished author, producer, distributor and the founder of Warrener Entertainment Inc. One of the leading Martial Arts Historian in the World. Over fifty years of training and teaching karate.

Chuck Merriman (10th Dan) Hanshi Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do/ Jundokan, Okinawa; Sandan (3rd Dan) Kodokan Judo; and Shodan (1st Dan) Hakkoryu jujutsu. Former Head Coach of the AAU National Karate Team and member of the AAU national karate Coaches Committee.

Emil Farkas (8th Dan Black Belt Shotokan) Founder of Beverly Hills Karate Academy in 1970. Providing superior martial arts training to the general public and the Motion Picture industy.

Filmed and produced by Val Mijailovic, in conjunction with Chuck Merriman's Karate International, Zen Bei Butokukai, Beverly Jills Karate Academy, the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society and Masters Magazine.