BO, BO-Jitsu & DRAGON POLE (35% OFF - SPECIAL 5 Volume Set)

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BO, BO-Jitsu & DRAGON POLE (SPECIAL 5 Volume Set)
By Fumio Demura Shihan, An-shu Stephen K Hayes, Nick Adler Hanshi, Eihachi Ota Hanshi & Si-Gung Angel Velazquez
Video-1 BO by Fumio Demura - Ancient Okinawan Kobudo. The Bo This is one of the most comprehensive DVD's of all the weapons DVD's we have done with over 8 traditional katas, basic techniques, drills, demonstration techniques and much more as taught by Sensei Fumio Demura. Katas like Suchi No Kon Sho & Dai, Koryu Shushi, Sakugawa No Kon Sho and Dai, Soeishi No kon. Item: em3Video-85-9    ISBN: 0694536339521 TRT: 58 minutes
Video-2 NINJUTSU SECRETS 1424 (Vol-5 Ninjutsu Secrets of The Bo Jitsu (Long Staff) By An-shu STEPHEN K. HAYES - Ninjutsu Secrets of The Bo Jitsu (Long Staff) has been around from the 1500’s but rarely is it taught the way An-Shu Stephen K Hayes teaches it in this unique one of a kind DVD. He will teach you so many skills that a bo offers. You will learn a rare and valuable katas known Kuji Bo 1 & 2. The Japanese Bo staff is a weapon that traces its history back centuries and now for one of the first times ever you will be able to learn the intricacies of the bo from a world reknown Master Ninja. 
Item em3-1424 ISBN: 0694536339262 TRT: 46 minutes
This is a complete presentation of the principles and concepts of the best elements and techniques of the Okinawan methods of Kobudo, demonstrated by one of the most sought-after masters of our time, Sensei Nick Adler. This DVD series explores the techniques and science of the traditional weapons: Sai, Tonfa and Bo. There is a detailed breakdown of the offensive and defensive skills used in the art and the tactical elements of control, positioning, etc.The unique principles and techniques of Okinawan Kobudo as taught by Sensei Adler are fully described in these authoritative DVDs. TRT: 40 minutes
Video-4 (BO, TONFA, SAI & KAMA) - By Hanshi Eihachi Ota HANSHI 10TH DAN.
It was in Naha City, the capital of Okinawa, after gaining recognition as one of the strongest in his high school’s karate club, Mr.Ota was invited to join Sensei Shima’s private dojo and Sensei’s Nagamine dojo. Hanshi Ota is an expert in empty handed Karate as well as all the traditional Okinawan weapons of self-defense, which at one time were used in the fishing and farming villages: Bo, Sai, Tonfa and Kama. Ota believes that Kobudo, the study of weapons, is an integral part of karate training, and he encourages students to practice the various weapons. TRT: 74 minutes
Video-5 Kung Fu Master Si-Gung Angel Velazquez is a disciple of Grand Master Seming Ma. Si-Gung Velazquez is a 8 time Hall of Fame inductee by the MA World Federation, MA History Museum & USA MA Hall of Fame. Awards range from Competitor of the Year, Best MA School of the Year to Lifetime Achievement in Martial Arts. The Dragon Pole Form, Step by Step Instructions and Application. (Techniques with Explanation).... and much more! TRT: 40 minutes 
Item: 705sp  ISBN: 0694536341432  TRT: 4 hours 25 minutes