Ch'i Kung Vol-2 (Shaolin 18 lohan Ch’i Kung Form) By Sifu Seng Jeorng Au

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Ch'i Kung (The Healing 18 Lohan Hands)
By Sifu Seng Jeorng Au


Volume 2: The Shaolin 18 lohan Ch’i Kung Form.

Volume II takes the practitioner into the world of the famous Shaolin Temple Ch'i Kung form known as the The 18 Lohan Hands (Healing). It is a set of movements incorporating the legendary 18 postures of the Lohan (Spiritual Practitioner). At the Shaolin Temple, these 18 postures are depicted in statue form as static or stationary, but it is the 18 postures along with the transitions between the postures that give the 18 Lohan Hands its beauty, dynamic effect, with the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit to reclaim balance and centeredness.

By practicing 18 lohan Ch'i Kung, one can release stagnant, trauma and stress energy to created a more balanced constitution and allow the body's own healing energy and design to maintain  youthfulness as a maintenance  program or recover from heavy workouts and  injuries. Lohan Ch'e Kung is based upon ancient Chinese healing exercises, the natural movements of animals in nature and Yoga exercises brought over from India by Damo (Bodhidharma). This is more of an instructional presentation.  The workout session is in Volume III.