Lam Chun Fai 2001 Seminar

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Lam Chun Fai 2001 Seminar
Hosted by Hamby's Tiger & Crane Kung Fu

Grand master Lam Chun Fai, the eldest son of great-grandmaster Lam Cho was born in Hong Kong. Named by his great uncle Lam Sai Wing, he began his Hung Gar training at the age of 5 under the careful and strict guidance of his father. As a young man he assisted his father with teaching gung fu and treating patients.

He eventually became the chief instructor of the four schools; two on Hong Kong Island and two on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong (one of which was the famed Lam Sai Wing Physical Training School). Later at the age of 18 he opened his own gung fu school and dit da clinic in the North Point of Hong Kong island where he still continues to teach Hung Kuen and treats patients.

Grand master Lam Chun Fai has taken the great responsibility of representing his family gung fu and has dedicated his life to the promotion and advancement of Hung Gar gung fu. With years of first hand experience, in-depth 

knowledge and wisdom under his belt, grandmaster Lam Chun Fai has been teaching and spreading his family art of Hung Gar for decades. Over the years, he has frequently been invited to give demonstrations, lead seminars, and teach private classes all over the world. Every year students from all over the world come to Hong Kong to train and learn the art of Hung Gar from grandmaster Lam Chun Fai. Following in the foot steps of their master some of grandmaster Lam Chun Fai's students have opened schools of their own to teach and spread the art of Hung Gar in their home countries. hat have appeared in some of the most prominent Kung Fu magazines.

This event was hosted by Sifu Donald Hamby in 2021 (Tiger and Crane Kung Fu)

Tiger Crane Set and parts of Gung Gee Fook Fu, Demonstrations and Application discussion.

Item: em3-87-11set ISBN: 0694536339781  TRT: 130 minutes