Skills Through Drills By Sensei Emanuel Thomas


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Improve your Skills Through Drills
By Sensei Emanuel Thomas 
8th Dan - San Do Kai Karate-Do 

Sensei Emanuel Thomas began his studies of the Martial Arts in 1984 under the guidance of Sensei Albert Wilson. Prior to receiving his black belt from Sensei Wilson, Emanuel was required to study kick boxing under Sensei Alfred Hernandez, Judo under John Ogden, and BKF Kenpo under Sijo Steve Muhammad. After more than 7 years of Martial Arts study, Emanuel received his first black belt under Sensei Wilson and later became the first karate instructor for the city of Long Beach’s gang prevention program. He has been inducted into the Martial Arts Master’s Hall of Fame, the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Martial Arts Museum wall of honors. He has enjoyed the journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

INCLUDED: 1. Front Punch Passing, 2. Front Kick Passing, 3. Side Kick Passing, 4. Inside Block with Double Tap, 5. Advanced Inside Block with Double Tap, 6. Front Punch with Reverse Defense, 7. Front Kick with Mai Tae, 8. Reverse Punch with Break, 9. Speed Drill Round Kick, 10. Double Parry Stomp, 11. Double Parry Round Kick, 12. Double Parry Round/Stomp - End with Choke, 13.Basic Up-block and Down-block, 14. Advance Redirect and Hooking Down-block, 15.Add Front Kick to Third Person.

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