Street Combat Urban MMA Vol-2 by Willie "The Bam" Johnson

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Street Combat Urban MMA Vol-2 
by Willie "The Bam" Johnson

Willie "The Bam" Johnson, creator of the acclaimed Keeping-it-Real Street Combat series, here brings you incredibly valuable, unmatched martial arts instruction. This is the second volume in Willie's 5-star series on Street Combat and Urban MMA Street Fighting — instruction that teaches real-world street-fighting tactics. These are not simple, one- or two-step moves that rarely work — these are, as they say in the hood, methods that "KEEP IT REAL" We guarantee that you have never seen DVDs quite like these like these, and that you are likely to learn more than you ever thought possible in a two-volume set of DVDs. This is truly a mind-blowing video learning experience.

Willie “The BAM” Johnson’s life story. It shows his rebirth from bullying, poverty, and physical, sexual and mental abuse. Rampant crime and drugs engulfed his community. Becoming a successful drug dealer, user and criminal eventually landed him in jail. This tragic scenario almost seems to lose its edge and become less tragic, because it is a situation that is repeated endlessly in near-epidemic proportions throughout the United States.

Professor Willie The Bam Johnson breaks the cycle with the principle of Martial Arts to become recognized today as an Urban Legend and a member of Black Belt Magazine’s Hall of Fame along with the world’s greatest Martial Artists like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and many others.He also returned from Sports Karate as a seven-time World Champion. There could be no better representative for all of the life-changing benefits that the Martial Arts bestow.

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