JUDO CLINIC - Czech Republic 2001 - By Jean-Marie DeDecker & Bjarni Friðriksson

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JUDO CLINIC - Czech Republic 2001

Jean-Marie DeDecker and Bjarni Friðriksson

Jean-Marie DeDecker
(Former Belgium Olympic Team Coach)

Judo national coach Jean-Marie Dedecker was national coach of the Belgian Judo Federation from 1981 to 2000. Under his leadership, the Belgian team won more than 130 medals, including four Olympics in Atlanta.
Later he became a Belgian politician. He is also mayor of the coastal municipality of Middelkerke.

Includs: Turnover into Juji Gatame, Sankaku, Side Turnover Controlling Legs, Drop Knee Reverse Kata Guruma.

Bjarni Friðriksson
Iceland Olympic Team (1984 Bronze)

Bjarni Friðriksson is a retired Icelandic judoka. At the 1984 Summer Olympics he won the bronze medal in the men’s half heavyweight category, together with Günther Neureuther of West Germany. He remains the most successful Icelandic judoka to date. He also competed at the 1980, 1988 and the 1992 Summer Olympics

Includes: Sankaku to Kuzure Kamishiho, Turnover to Tate Shiho, Sankaku, Turnover to Kuzure Kesa, Escape from Okuri Eri Jime, Escape from Rolling Juji, Sumi Gaeshi from side with back grip plus other variations, Throws from gripping the belt over the back, Foot sweep from Ippon, Ouchi to Taiotoshi.

TRT: 96 minutes - ISBN: 694536340732 -  Item-em3-91-116 

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