JUDO - Shinji Hosokawa & Shinichi Shinohara Judo Clinic

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JUDO - Shinji Hosokawa & Shinichi Shinohara Judo Clinic

Shinji Hosokawa
1984 Olympic Gold
2 Times Jr. World Champion
All Japan High School Champion

Shinichi Shinohara
2002 Olympic Silver
4 Times All Japan Champion
1999 World Champion

This is a one of a kind seminar instructed by two of the Japanese team Gold and Silver Olympians. This seminar is for the advanced judoka that are looking for detailed technical bits of wisdom from the experienced world class competitors.

INCLUDES: Tomonage, Uchimata, Seoi Nage, Osoto Gari, Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi, Ouchi Gari.

TRT: 1 hr 46 min.  -  Item: 91-108  -  ISBN: 0694536340589