JUDO - International Judo Clinic 1997 (Davos, Switzerland)

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JUDO - International Judo Clinic 1997 (Davos, Switzerland)-dvd
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JUDO - International Judo Clinic 1997
(Davos, Switzerland)


Han Ho San 8th Dan
Korean coach Han Ho San was national coach of the German Judo Association (DJB) from 1965 until 2000. In 1957, Han Ho has the 9th Dan. He was fifth at the 1961 World Championships in Paris. A year later he moved to Germany as a coach where he won numerous medals at Olympic Games, World and European Championships. TEACHING: Grip Control and One Arm Throws, Turnover Entries

Klaus Kessler 6th Dan - TEACHING: Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi, Shime Waza

Frank Wieneke 6th Dan - Frank Wieneke is a German judoka and olympic champion. He won a gold medal in the half middleweight division at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. He is a member of Germany's Sports Hall of Fame. TEACHING: Uchimata, Kumi-kata, Shime Waza, Entry from top into Osaekomi (hold)

Ralf Lippmann 4th Dan - Judoka Ralf Lippmann of West Germany took a silver medal at the German Open U19 IDEM Aachen in 1978 in the category U57kg. TEACHING: Top entry into Shime Waza or Juji Gatame, Top entry into Osaekomi, Throws from one arm grippingc, Top entry into a cradle hold

TRT: 2 hr 43 min. Item: 91-109  -  ISBN: 0694536340596