JUDO - Masahiko Kimura - Vol-15 - Judo Clinic Pasadena, CA 1981

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0694536340725 -DVD
0694536340725 -DVD
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Masahiko Kimura, Shichidan (7th Dan) video download

Vol-15 Judo Clinic Pasadena, CA 1981

Masahiko Kimura was a Japanese judoka and professional wrestler who is widely considered one of the greatest judoka of all time. He won the All-Japan Judo Championships three times in a row for the first time in history and had never lost a judo match from 1936 to 1950.

In 1937 Masahiko Kimura won the All Japan Championship at age 20. For the next 13 years he was undefeated before he retired.
5th Dan at age 18
Kimura (5’6″, 170cm; 85kg, 187lbs) was born on September 10, 1917 in Kumamoto, Japan. At age 16, after 6 years of judo, he was promoted to 4th dan. He had defeated 6 opponents (which were all 3rd and 4th dan) in a row. In 1935 at age 18 he became the youngest ever godan (5th degree black belt) when he defeated 8 consecutive opponents at Kodokan.

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