JUDO Vol-17 - The European Gentle Way "GAMES & DRILLS" (Clinic)

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0694536340749 -DVD
0694536340749 -DVD
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JUDO Vol-17 - The European Gentle Way "GAMES & DRILLS" (Clinic)

A Judo Clinic with Vojko Gavrilovic (6th Dan)

Formally Director of Austrian Judo Development & National Jr. Judo Coach

This clinic was done in 2004,  showing many great games and techniques. It is highly recommended for judo teachers.

INCLUDES: Crawling Tag Game, Running Tag Game, Hopping Game, Pulling Game, Back Pushing Game, Palm Slapping Game, Squatting Game, Leg Dragging Drill, Pushup Rolling Drill, Tumbling Wheel Drill, Running Line Drill, Forward and Backward Tumble Drills, Handstand Rolling Drill, Handspring Rolling Drill, Rolling Turnout Drill, Backward Ukemi Drill, Handspring Line Drill, Gripping Drills,  Turnover from pull down entry, Kouchi Makikomi from pull down & back grip, Tani Otoshi from grip breaking move, Osoto Gari Drill, Ippon Seoi Nage right normal grip, Ippon Seoi Nage into Kouchi Maki, Ippon Seoi Nage using a high grip and pulling down on elbow, Day Night Game, Kata Guruma - Defense & Counter, Newaza Attacking from the bottom into Juji, Newaza Attacking from the bottom into other locks, Attacking from the bottom & turning over into hold or lock, Entry into Waza, Throwing & Rolling Drills...

Item: em3-91-117 - ISBN: 0694536340749 - TRT: 71 minutes