JUDO - Vol-25 ASHI-WAZA (Footsweeps)

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JUDO - Vol-25 ASHI-WAZA (Footsweeps)

Asi-waza (foot/leg techniques) belong to the Throwing techniques (Nage-waza) group. There are different types of leg throwing techniques (Ashi Waza), these include those sweeping, reaping and hooking. The ashi-waza techniques are not easy to master but when performed right these are some of the most magnificent throws in the whole of Judo.


Breakdown and analysis of modern competition footsweeps along with old 50's instructional footage from Kodokan. Step by step freeze frame highlighted technical illustration of setup and entry. Excellent study guide for todays competition.

TRT: 96 minutes - Item: 91-125 - ISBN/EAN: 0694536340893